SPRD-1242 My wife is Infertilie so her mom will birth my child


SPRD-1242 Surrogate Mother Mio Morishita

I was working hard to make a child, but I was not quite blessed,and when I examined it, my daughter was so-called infertility.The sad reality that was confronted by a smooth sailing daughter couple.My daughter and her husband were troubled by the trouble and finally reached a certain conclusion.One night, the daughter couple stared at the mother Mio with a mysterious face.At hand is a medical certificate of infertility.To Mio who is upset by a sudden thing, the daughter said this.My mother gave birth to my child.When I didn’t want to see the sad face of my beloved daughter, I had no choice but to nod that Mio understood.A few days later, Mio examines the possible date of pregnancy, and finally meets the day.For the 1st and 2nd time, Mio commits an act with his son-in-law.There was no sign of it for several months.The son-in-law who thought that Mio should be alone with her, told Mio to do something for Mio, and suggested that Mio would do something for Mio until now, but from today, let’s try in a way that feels good to each other, and the two of them went to carnal pleasures and overlapped their bodies.Then a few months.Mio found out that she was safely pregnant….

Date: February 8, 2020
Actors: Morishita Mio